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Brake piston wind-back kit

Brake pipe flaring kit (1)

Brake pipe flaring kit

Brake pipe bender

Brake drum wear gauge

Brake disc run-out measure kit

Brake disc gauge

Blue embossed 2-ply paper roll

Bearing separator set

Battery terminal connector

Ball joint splitter

Automotive brake pipe bender

Aluminum O-rings

Alloy wheel weights hammer

On plastic coated zinc

Adjustable wrench

Adhesive wheel weight strip

Adhesive wheel weight remover

Caulking gun

Centech radial repair

Circlip pliers set

Clutch alignment tool

Coil spring compressor kit

Composite bucket

Copper hammer


Copper hammer

Copper O-rings

Cup type oil filter wrench set

CV boot clamp pliers

Die maker

Diesel engine compression test kit

Diesel injector flow test kit

Diesel injector removal tool

Digital tyre tread depth gauge

Drive breaker bar

Drive deep impact socket set

External micrometer

Fuel funnel


Gas heating torch

Hand pressure sprayer

Hex bit set

Hex bit socket set

Hex bits

Hex key set

Hose removal set

Impact ball joint splitter

Impact driver set

Level grease gun

Measuring jug with flexible spout

Metric feeler gauge set

Metric tap and die set

Needle file set

Nut bolt splitter

Oil can

Oil filter claw wrench

Oil filter wrench strap type

Oil suction syringe - metal body

Open ended ring wrench

Petrol engine compression test kit

Piston ring compressor

Plastic O-rings

Portable tire compaction roller

Ratchet spanner

Reflactometer antifreeze

Battery fluid screenwash

Remote action hose clip tool 2

Remote action hose clip tool

Ring offset spanner

Screw pitch gauge

Snap-in tubeless tyre valve

Steering wheel level alignment tool

T-handle ball-end hex key set

T-handle ball-end TORX key set

Technician's stethoscope

Telescopic inspection mirror

Telescopic magnetic pick-up tool

Temporary puncture repair rasp and insertion needle

Temporary puncture repair strips

Thread repair kit set

Torque stick

Tire talc

Torque wrench

Torx bit set

Torx bits

Torx key set

Triple leg gear puller set

Triple square bits


Twin leg puller bar type puller

Tyre leveler set

Tyre valve cap

Tyre valve installation tool

Tyre valve installer

Tyre valve stem core

Vacuum tester

Brake bleeding kit

Valve spring compressor tool

Wheel weights hammer-on zinc for steel wheels

Impact bit socket 1I2 T45

Impact bit socket 1I2 T40

Impact bit socket 1I2 T35

Impact bit socket 1I2 T30

Impact bit socket 1I2 T27

Impact bit socket 1I2 T25

Impact bit socket 1I2 T20

Impact bit socket 1I2 21mm

Impact bit socket 1I2 19mm

Impact bit socket 1I2 18mm

Impact bit socket 1I2 17mm

Hub puller

Hose clamp

Hook wrench 34-36mm

Hook and pick set

Wire strippers

Wire cutters

Wire brush nylon

Wheel wrench

Pipe wrench

Multi function tool

Mini bolt cutters

Hose clamp pliers

Hook wrench set

Flexible Magnet

Flexible flare nut wrench 24mm

Flexible flare nut wrench 21mm

Flexible flare nut wrench 19mm

Flexible flare nut wrench 17mm

Flexible flare nut wrench 15mm

Flexible extension bar 1I4 150 mm

Flexible flare nut wrench 14mm

Flexible flare nut wrench 13mm

Flexible flare nut wrench 12mm

Flexible flare nut wrench 11mm

Flexible flare nut wrench 10mm

Flexible flare nut wrench 9mm

Flexible flare nut wrench 8mm


Flare nut wrench 30x32mm

Flare nut socket set

Extension bar set 1I2 300I600I900mm

Extension bar set 1I2 5pcs

Extension bar 3I8 150mm

Extension bar 3I4 400mm

Extension bar 3I4 200mm

Extension bar 3I4 100mm

Extension bar 1I4 75mm

Extension bar 1I4 50mm

Extension bar 1I2 125mm

Extension bar 1I2 50 mm wobble

Extension bar 1 100mm

Element mounting bar

Double flexible socket wrench 21x23mm

Double flexible socket wrench 18x19mm

Double flexible socket wrench 16x17mm

Double flexible socket wrench 14x15mm

Double flexible socket wrench 12x13mm

Double flexible socket wrench 10x11mm

Double flexible socket wrench 8x9mm

Double flexible socket wrench 6x7mm

Combination spanner 46mm

Combination spanner 41mm

Combination spanner 38mm

Combination spanner 36mm

Combination spanner 35mm

Combination spanner 34mm

Combination spanner 32mm

Combination spanner 22mm

Combination spanner 30mm

Combination spanner 29mm

Combination spanner 28mm

Combination spanner 27mm

Combination spanner 26mm

Combination spanner 25mm

Combination spanner 24mm

Combination spanner 23mm

Combination spanner 21mm

Combination spanner 20mm

Combination spanner 19mm

Combination spanner 18mm

Combination spanner 17mm

Combination spanner 16mm

Combination spanner 15mm

Combination spanner 14mm

Combination spanner 13mm

Combination spanner 12mm

Combination spanner 11mm

Clipping device for hose (screw)

Chain breaker

Chain breaker and riveting tool set

Car window squeegee with sponge

Car wash brush

Car squeegee

Car brush with hose fitting

Car body protectors

Burner tube

Breaker bar 3I4 600 mm

Breaker bar 1I2 455mm

Brake piston tool

Brace rim wrench

Bow divider

Bit socket 1I4 PZ3

Bit socket 1I4 PZ2

Bit socket 1I4 PH2

Battery terminal and post cleaner

Battery post and terminal brush

Battery fluid filler

Backlach protection oxygen safe guard

Backlach protection acetylene safe guard

Automotive fluid syringe

Alligator grip

Adjustable pin wrench set

Adjustable pin wrench 420mm

Adjustable hook wrench 115- 160mm

Adjustable hook wrench 20-50mm

Wheel wrench tool kit


Torx bolts with washer

Torx bolt


Wheel run out gauge set

T-handle spark plug wrench

Steering wheel holder

Steering wheel holder with spring

Oil filter wrench

Spirit level

Seal pullers

Scissors car jack

Pry bar

Plastic fuel can

Piston ring pliers

Pipe cutters

Oil resistant gloves


Nut threading tool

Nylon insert lock nuts

Magnetic nut

Bolt holder

Lead-wire patch



Extension bar

Hose pinch pliers

Honing tool

Hexagon screwdriwer

Hexagon bolt

Hexagon bolt with washer

Flexible grabbing tool

Flange serrated nuts

Digital torque wrench

Digital torque adapter

Dial calipers

Deburring tool

Crown nuts

Copper pipe bender

Coil spring compressor

Cable pliers

Brake lock


Bolt or nut removing tool

Bolt extractors

Battery hydrometer

Brake piston wind-back backplate

Valve spring compressor tool adapters

External micrometer lock

External micrometer adjust button

Diesel injector flow test kit nozzles

Diesel injector flow test kit adapters

Diesel injector flow measuring kit

Brake piston wind-back screw

Brake pipe flaring kit handle

Brake pipe flaring clamps

Brake pipe flaring bits

Tap maker holder

Circlip pliers straight

Circlip pliers bended to open up

Circlip pliers bended for squeeze

Brake pipe flaring kit nozzles

Brake pipe flaring holder

Brake pipe flaring expander

Brake pipe cutting tool

Torque multipler rachet

Stainless steel U-shaped pipe clamp

Spinning locking pins set


band hose clamps

Plastic air hose connectors

Bending springs

Multi-bit screwdriver

Hexagon socket plug screw set

Flanged bolt

Extendable breaker bar 3/4

Driveshaft hub bolt

CV boot clamp

Anti-fatigue shaft bolt

Hose Connector

Double flexible socket wrench set

T-type Hose Connector

Tyre propose crayon

Spring Set

Split Pin

Rubbered Hose Clamp

Ring Lock Pin

Pull Out Dowel Pin

L-type Hose Connector

Y-type Hose Connector

Internal Retaining Ring

Speedler handle 1I2 420 mm

Socket wrench 1I2 320mm strikable

Socket adapter 1I4x 3I8

Socket 50mm long 1I4 13mm

Socket 50mm long 1I4 12mm

Socket 50mm long 1I4 11mm

Socket 50mm long 1I4 10mm

Socket 50mm long 1I4 9mm

Socket 50mm long 1I4 8mm

Socket 50mm long 1I4 7mm

Socket 50mm long 1I4 6mm

Socket 50mm long 1I4 5,5mm

Socket 12pt 50mm long 1I4 8mm

Socket 12pt 50mm long 1I4 7mm

Socket 1I4 13mm

Socket 1I4 12pt 14mm long

Socket 1I4 12pt 13mm long

Socket 1I4 12pt 12mm long

Socket 1I4 12pt 11mm long

Socket 1I4 12pt 11I32 long

Socket 1I4 12pt 10mm long

Socket 1I4 12pt 9mm long

Socket 1I4 12pt 9I32 long

Socket 1I4 12pt 7I16 long

Socket 1I4 12pt 3I8 long

Socket 1I4 12pt 1I4 long

Socket 1I4 12mm

Socket 1I4 11mm

Socket 1I4 10mm

Socket 1I4 9mm

Socket 1I4 8mm

Socket 1I4 7mm

Socket 1I2 e-torx E22

Socket 1I2 e-torx E20

Socket 1I2 e-torx E18

Socket 1I2 e-torx E16

Socket 1I2 e-torx E14

Socket 1I2 e-torx E12

Socket 1I2 e-torx E11

Socket 1I2 e-torx E10

Sliding T-bar 1I2 250 mm

Sliding T-bar 1 760mm

Reversible ratchet wrench 19mm

Reversible ratchet wrench 18mm

Reversible ratchet wrench 17mm

Reversible ratchet wrench 16mm

Reversible ratchet wrench 15mm

Reversible ratchet wrench 14mm

Reversible ratchet wrench 13mm

Reversible ratchet wrench 12mm

Reversible ratchet wrench 11mm

Reversible ratchet wrench 10mm

Reversible ratchet wrench 8mm

Ratchet wrench open end 10mm

Ratchet wrench flex head 19mm

Ratchet wrench flex head 17mm

Ratchet wrench flex head 16mm

Ratchet wrench flex head 15mm

Ratchet wrench flex head 14mm

Ratchet wrench flex head 13mm

Ratchet wrench flex head 12mm

Ratchet wrench flex head 11mm

Ratchet wrench flex head 10mm

Ratchet wrench flex head 8mm

Ratchet wrench 24mm

Ratchet wrench 22mm

Ratchet wrench 21mm

Ratchet wrench 19mm

Ratchet wrench 18mm

Ratchet wrench 17mm

Ratchet wrench 16mm

Ratchet wrench 15mm

Ratchet wrench 14mm

Ratchet wrench 13mm

Ratchet wrench 12mm

Ratchet wrench 10mm

Ratchet wrench 9mm

Wheel socket 21mm

Wheel socket 19mm

Wheel socket 17mm

Wheel hub supporting tool for transmission jack

Washing sponge

Universal joint 3I8

Universal joint 3I4

Universal joint 1I2

Torque extension bar set 90-200nm

Ratchet handle multi 1I4 and 1I2

Ratchet handle 3I8

Ratchet 3I4 500MM HD

Ratchet 1I2 300MM HD

Oil filter wrench heavy-duty

Oil filter wrench (chain)

Oil draing plug wrench

Oil barrel wrench

Nut splitter

Mounting iron

Magnetic tray

Magnetic tool for oil plugs

L-handle 3I4 480-750mm

L-handle 1I2

Internal extractor

Inrerior brush

Impact socket adapter 3I8x 1I4

Impact socket adapter 3I4x 1I2

Impact socket adapter 3I4x 1

Impact socket adapter 1x 3I4

Impact socket adapter 1I2x 3I4

Impact socket 3I4-46mm

Impact socket 3I4-41mm

Impact socket 3I4-38mm

Impact socket 3I4- 70mm

Impact socket 3I4- 65mm

Impact socket 3I4- 60mm

Impact socket 3I4- 55mm

Impact socket 3I4- 50mm

Impact socket 1I2 32mm

Impact socket 1I2 30mm

Impact socket 1I2 29mm

Impact socket 1I2 28mm

Impact socket 1I2 27mm

Impact socket 1I2 26mm

Impact socket 1I2 25mm

Impact socket 1I2 24mm

Impact socket 1I2 23mm

Impact socket 1I2 22mm

Impact socket 1I2 21mm

Impact socket 1I2 20mm

Impact socket 1I2 19mm

Impact socket 1I2 18mm

Impact socket 1I2 17mm

Impact socket 1I2 16mm

Impact socket 1I2 15mm

Impact socket 1I2 14mm

Impact socket 1I2 13mm

Impact socket 1I2 12mm

Impact socket 1I2 11mm

Impact socket 1I2 10mm

Impact socket 1I2 9mm

Impact socket 1I2 8mm

Impact socket 1-100mm

Impact socket 1-90mm

Impact socket 1- 80mm

Impact socket 1- 75mm

Impact long socket 1I2 30mm

Impact long socket 1I2 27mm

Impact long socket 1I2 24mm

Impact long socket 1I2 22mm

Impact long socket 1I2 21mm

Impact long socket 1I2 19mm

Impact long socket 1I2 17mm

Impact long socket 1I2 14mm

Impact long socket 1I2 13mm

Impact long socket 1I2 10mm

Impact bit socket 1I2 T70

Impact bit socket 1I2 T65

Impact bit socket 1I2 T60

Impact bit socket 1I2 T55

Impact bit socket 1I2 T50

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