Engine / Gas injection system

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Connecting sleeve

Eco valve


Injectors and rail




Multi valve solenoid

Pressure sensor


Refiling port


Shut-off valve

Spark plugs


Electronic control unit

Shut-off valve assembly

Expansion valve lever

First stage pressure reducing chamber

Gas filter cartridge

Gas filter housing

Gas injector bracket

Gas injector coil

Example 1

Gas injector coil

Example 2

Gas injector plate valve

Gas injector solenoid piston

Gas injector solenoid

Gas pressure adjusting mechanism

Gas pressure adjustment screw

Gas pressure compensation (vacuum) port

Gas reducer evaporation chamber

Gas reducer expansion chamber

Gas reducer expansion valve

Gas reducer-vaporizer type 2

Gas supply to manifold nozzle

Gas valve coil

Gas valve solenoid coil

Gas valve solenoid piston

Gas valve solenoid

Gasoline high pressure sensor

Idle speed mixture adjustment screw

Liquid phase gas filter

Liquid phase filter housing

LPG system ECU

Not serviceable gas filter

Plate gas injector rail

PTC Vaporizer temperature sensor

Second gas pressure chamber

Two stage gas reducer-vaporizer

Vaporizer cap

Vaporizer diaphragm with underpresure valve

Split piston type gas injector

Piston gas injector rail

Vaporizer diaphragm

Vaporizer type 3

Vaporizer with liquid phase preheating

BRC gas valve

Copper gas line

Gas injector control emulator

Gas line connector

Gas reducer vaporiser

Gas tank filler adapter

Gas tank

Gas valve with filter

Ground connection

Over pressure protection valve

PVC Gas line