Engine / Intake - Exhaust system



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Air filter

Example 2


Bearing housing

Cold air intake pipe

Compressor cover intake side

Air filter

Example 1

Compressor cover

Compressor wheel

Cone air filter

Double port exhaust gasket

Engine air filter box

Exhaust band clamp (sleeve fitting)

Exhaust band clamp

Exhaust manifold gasket

Exhaust manifold

Exhaust manifold (1)

Exhaust pipe with flex section

Exhaust V-band clamp

Flexible cold air intake pipe

Intake manifold - plastic

Intercooler - air cooled

One way valve

Secondary air injection valve


Thrust bearing

Turbine and compressor wheels with shaft and solid bearing

Turbine shaft and wheel with bearings

Turbocharger - internal wastegate

Turbocharger solid copper bearing

Vacuum actuator

Vacuum hose 90 degree elbow connector

Vacuum hose holder

Vacuum hose

Vane adjustment ring

Variable geometry vanes

Catalytic converter

Cross pipe

Diesel particulate filter

Extention pipe

Flex pipe

Heat shield



Intake air temperature sensor

Mass air flow sensor with case

Air filter

example 3

Air filter

example 4

Downpipe gasket

Turbocharger example 1

Downpipe gasket

Turbocharger example 2

Downpipe gasket

Turbocharger example 3

Downpipe gasket

Turbocharger example 4

Intake manifold gasket for single port



Turbochager oil and coolant feed lines gasket

Turbocharger oil return line gasket

Wastegate actuator mount


Wastegate actuator


Intake manifold gasket

Wastegate actuator adjuster


Solenoid vacuum inlet port

Solenoid vacuum outlet port.

Solenoid vent port

Turbo pressure bypass valve

Air filter box air outlet port

Air pipe mounting tabs

Hose clamp worm drive

Solenoid electrical connection

Turbocharger intake air silencer (resonator)

Intake manifold gasket

Air Intercooler

Exhaust pipe mounting

High flow air filter

Intercooler pipe

Air filter box cold air inlet port

Vacuum actuator adjustment lock nut

Vacuum actuator inlet line

Vacuum actuator lower shell

Vacuum actuator rod

Vacuum actuator upper shell

Vacuum actuator adjustment rod

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