Tools / Car panel beater tools



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Aviation tin snips

Wire wheel angle grinder

Gas welding kit



Digital caliper

Drill set for metal



Hand dolly

Retractable utility knife

Locking pliers set

Metal cutting discs

Metal grinding discs with DPC centre

Metric tape measure


Punch set

Rubber mallet


Screw clamps and quick release lever clamps

Square ruler

Steel ruler

Triple head suction gripper

Twin head suction gripper

Twist drill bits

Welding magnet square

Wire feeder tool

Wire gripping handles


Abrasive cut-off machine

Air punch

Flange tool

Bead roller

Cleco fasteners

Contour gauge


English wheel

Flat pad air bag

Gas nozzle holder with nozzle spring

Glue puller

Hole marker

Manual sheet metal bending machine




MAG welding machine

Pipe bending machine

Plasma cutter

Pneumatic corrugated nibbler

Pneumatic planishing hammer


Pull Ring For Spotter

Rivet nut tool

Rotary burr bits

Scribing tool

Self tapping screw

Sheet metal guillotine



Spot welder

Spotter stud with tread


Stationary Belt Sander

Tabletop shrink


TIG welder

Tri hook washer

Twisted pull ring

Wave wire

Welding fume extractor

Welding gas nozzle

Welding wire

Wire feed welder contact tips

Coarse wire cup brush angle grinder

Coarse wire wheel angle grinder

Course crimped angle grinder

Cutting nozzle coolex

Dolly set for dent repair

Earth cable

Earth clamp strong spring

Earth clamp with screw

Electrode holder

Flow meter mixed gas

Gas lighter

Glue Puller

Nylon wire brush

Sledge hammer

Grounding magnet for welding

Heatcamera tempviever

Heavy duty body knocker set

Marking caliper

Multi-purpose magnet

Pneumatic fluid extractor

Precision centering

Pressure regulator

Pry bar set

Pro gas welding kit


Tube bender hydraulic

Upholstery removal tool set

Welding blanket

Welding hammer

Welding mini vaccum

Welding table

Tape measure

Regulator for CO2 welding gas

Slag hammer

Steel ruler

Steel sciper

Super magnet

Belt Sander Belts

Deep Hole Marker

Flap Disc

Graphite marker pen

Hole Punch Tool

Pneumatic Angle Drill

Drawing compass

Letter punch set

Multi-functional spotter gun

Nibbler shears

Number punch set

Paintless repair set

Slide hammer locking pliers

CO2 welding gas cylinder pressure indicator

CO2 welding gas pressure indicator liters per minute

Scotch Brite Roloc Surface Conditioning Disc

CO2 welding regulator inlet

CO2 welding regulator outlet

Flow meter inlet for mixed gas

Flow meter outlet for mixed gas

Flow meter regulator for mixed gas

Regulator for CO2 welding gas

Rivet nut

Flat pad air bag air relase

Flat pad air bag pump

Glue puller knobs

Hacksaw blade

Plasma cutter air inlet hose

Plasma cutter gun

Portable multi hook puller

Pressure regulator cylinder pressure indicator

Pressure regulator flow meter

Pressure regulator outlet

Pressure regulator screw

Stationary belt sander kill switch

Stationary belt sander switch

TIG welder ground clamp

Torch nozzle

Vice anvil

Vice hole for bolt

Vice jaw faces

Vice swivel lock

Vice tightening bar

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